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The Golden Matriarch: LORD OF ATLANTIS by John Russel Fearn (Golden Amazon 8-2)

In Lord of Atlantis, we have Violet Ray Brandt now ruling Earth as the Supreme Matriarch. This book was first published in 1949 and reprinted in 2012. Once again, it is necessary to point out that the book is listed as the second novel in the Golden Amazon saga, but it is in fact the eighth book in the series. The introduction is by Golden Amazon expert Philip Harbottle.

DOSSOYUE: BOOK ONE By Charles Saunders

Dossouye is a great book from Black writer Charles Saunders. Not exactly a novel, it’s a collection of short stories and novellas, some of which have been published before. Saunders is best known for his books and tales about Imaro, the African hero who wonders across the mythical land of Cush.

THE CHOSEN by Alex Archer

The Chosen is a definite improvement in the adventures of Anja Creed, she who bears the sword of St. Joan Of Arc. We still don’t know a lot about her origins, other than she was raised in a Catholic orphanage in New Orleans. Roux and Garin have little to do with the action, but they remain tangential to the story. But the novel builds to an ending which makes me wonder if the producers of Cabin in the Woods read this book while their movie was in pre-production.

HOT RAIL TO HELL by Robert Vardeman

The first of a proposed series, Hot Rail To Hell, was published a few years ago by Robert Vardeman as an attempt to revive the mens’ action novels of the 1970’s. Vardeman heads the Baroness Yahoo group and dedicated it to her creator, Lyle Kenyon Engel. Although we haven’t been blessed with another book in this “Conversant USA” series, one can always hope. Digital publishing makes the job a lot easier these days. Vardeman lists many other books in his resume, so he has the chops to keep the ball rolling.

Rogue Angel #1: DESTINY

With all the “new pulp” talk these days, it’s time to start looking at some contemporary novel series. The 70’s and 80’s were good for the men’s action adventure books, this millennia, not so good. I keep expecting kindle and e-book publishing to solve that little problem, but in the meantime, Let’s see what else is out there.