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They came around the sand dune and stopped. All twelve of them. In front of the trio stood twelve Nazi Zombies. They even had on the torn black uniforms. It was possible to see the naked, flesh through rips in the uniform. Most of the heads were gone, but some kind of tentacle thing moved around what was left. The game designers overlaid the enemy bots with enough visual nightmares for ten lifetimes. The sheer appearance of these creatures in the daylight startled them. By the time the NZ’s had turned in their direction, they swung up and leveled their guns. The women turned to him for guidance, but Kurt shook his head.

THE BONE QUEEN by Andrea Judy

The Bone Queen by Andrea Judy (2013, ProSe) The Bone Queen is the first novel by Andrea Judy. It follows the adventures of a female sword-swinger as she chops her way across ancient France. Set…