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RULE 34 by Charles Stross

 RULE 34 by Charles Stross (2012, Ace)   It’s not often enough I get to read a book which literally blows me away. Rule 34 is such a novel: original, entertaining, futuristic, amok, but optimistic enough to…

THE FLYING BEAST by Walter S. Masterman

“#7 The Flying Beast. Masterman again takes the detective formula and runs berserk, this time with a haunted English manor, murder, anti-gravity metal, a lost race of troglodytes, and a hidden abyss in the desert.”

– Karl Edward Wagner, “Thirteen Best Science Fiction Horror Novels” (Twilight Zone Magazine, 1983).


“Another lost-race sort of thing. Remnants of Roman civilization exist underground in a rigidly telepathically controlled society. The protagonist seeks them out as destiny and finds nightmare instead.”
-Karl Edward Wagner, “The Thirteen Best Science Fiction Horror Novels” (Twilight Zone Magazine, 1983)