THE CHOSEN by Alex Archer

Rogue Angel 4: THE CHOSEN by Alex Archer (2007, Gold Eagle)



The Chosen is a definite improvement in the adventures of Anja Creed, she who bears the sword of St. Joan Of Arc. We still don’t know a lot about her origins, other than she was raised in a Catholic orphanage in New Orleans. Roux and Garin have little to do with the action, but they remain tangential to the story. But the novel builds to an ending which makes me wonder if the producers of Cabin in the Woods read this book while their movie was in pre-production.

Chosen begins with a Japanese tourist family being saved from sudden death in New Mexico by the appearance of Santo Nino, the Holy Child. Soon, tourists from all over the world are visiting the area, hoping for a visitation. But the Holy Child isn’t the only supernatural creature who show up. Several demonic creatures make the scene too, causing havoc and blood shed. Of course, Annja Creed just happens to be in the same location on an archaeological dig when all the trouble starts.

An interesting development in the series is the introduction of a papal hitman: Father Robert Godin, Society of Jesus. Father Bob is 62, Belgian and a former mercenary. He’s the man called on by the Holy See to deal with special problems. The novel introduces him as he “retires” a monsignor who’s gone renegade. Eventually, Godin and Annja connect and blue sparks fly. I hope the Alex Arthur Collective can find some way to work him back into the series.

The cover is the weakest thing about this book. I ‘d like to believe Golden Eagle’s parent company, Harlequin, could find an artist who can generate decent cover paintings. The time constraints never seemed to bother the artists of the pulp era.

And it would be helpful if the publisher made it easier to buy the eBook from their own website. I spent a good hour trying to find it.

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Timothy Voiles
Timothy Voiles
10 years ago

I have just recently listening to Rouge Angel Books, As I drive a commercial truck.
I have 28 through 41 editions, And must say that I have become intrigued with Annja’s
destiny with Joan of Arc’s sword. The story lines of using history’s myths and facts
to slay evil-hearted, greedy, villians has compelled me to buy a new edition than to buy food out here on the road. Can’t wait to get the first 27 editions. Thanks Alex.