Team Deathmatch: Killstreak

From my latest novel, Team Deathmatch: Killstreak

They came around the sand dune and stopped. All twelve of them. In front of the trio stood twelve Nazi Zombies. They even had on the torn black uniforms. It was possible to see the naked, flesh through rips in the uniform. Most of the heads were gone, but some kind of tentacle thing moved around what was left.
The game designers overlaid the enemy bots with enough visual nightmares for ten lifetimes.
The sheer appearance of these creatures in the daylight startled them. By the time the NZ’s had turned in their direction, they swung up and leveled their guns. The women turned to him for guidance, but Kurt shook his head.
“I want to see what they do first,” he whispered to them.
The response by the enemy was fast. The tallest NZ pulled a pistol out of his uniform and aimed it at Kurt. The creature made a gurgling sound as the others formed up behind it.
“Now!” Kurt yelled and pulled the trigger. The two women did the same.
Three automatic rifles sent bursts into the lead Nazi Zombie. The NZ was torn apart and each piece flew in an opposite direction. The noise of the guns were suppressed as they discharged thanks to upgrade mods, for which Kurt was grateful. He didn’t fancy the need for earplugs, no matter how realistic. Shells spun out and ran across the floor of the desert.
Kurt expected the other NZ’s to flee in terror, but these ran at them. Oh right, he reminded himself, zombies. For some reason, each pulled out a dagger and charged. He didn’t have to give out the command again. This time the women unleashed multiple bursts of gunfire on the remaining NZ’s. Kurt looked down the gunsight of his rifle and tore them apart at close range.
The entire encounter didn’t last two minutes.
The concentrated gunfire of all three rifles tore the Nazi Zombies apart before they could reach any of the Triple Skulls. Kurt ripped open three of them as they made the stupid mistake of trying to move up the dune at him in single file. The women swept their fire into the rest of the group and eliminated them.
“Switch to semi-automatic!” Kurt called out when the last ones fell to the ground. “We don’t want to waste ammunition. I have no idea when we’ll be able to get anymore, they never said anything about ammo caches in the briefing,” He walked over to the bodies and looked down at them.
Bits and pieces of NZ’s littered the ground. As the smoke rose from the barrel of his gun, Kurt walked around and looked at what was left. It seemed obvious to him they’d walked in on some isolated group. This wasn’t a full-scale attack. When they first ported into the scenario, he worried the enemy was already waiting for him. However, this turned out not to be the case.
“Can you raise the command?” Kurt asked Lavon. She had the only radio between the three of them.

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